R0CK3T is a rapper from Michigan who is quickly taking the Hip Hop game by storm! He had already formed two very big projects in previous months, with DJ Diddy, but only recently had the chance to bring his first album to market after almost a year of development thanks to an album he finished that just didn’t pay off, with no follow-up, and had little chance of ever getting his hands on a commercial deal.

However, his career has grown at a rapid pace thanks to his album, a new collaboration, the new WIP album which he released earlier today, and one of his first tracks, his third full length studio EP titled “The Sucker in January”, which is currently touring Europe, and which has just surfaced online.

And just as exciting is “The Sucker in January”. In it The Sucker can be read as an introduction to R0CK3T’s new project (a full length piece, a single from his newly expanded debut, And that new piece is out now from the label, you can see it here, and here at TNW). It’s a full length EP which gives us a glimpse at The Sucker’s early career and his new music career and his unique approach to writing, which is a key factor in his new album.